The Company La Bottega del Tartufo was founded in 2014 on the hills of the upper Tiber on the initiative of the brothers Filippo and Luca Fumanti and their father Giuseppe.

Grown up in a restaurant, they decided to share their passion for one of the noblest and most precious ingredients of Italian cuisine: the truffle.

Giuseppe for over 30 years is dedicated to the search for truffles and His experience made his sons fall in love with truffle.

They decided to bring people closer to the discovery and pleasure of truffles and their varieties.

With the support of Giuliano Martinelli, founder of Giuliano Tartufi and a friend of the Fumanti, Luca and Filippo begin this new adventure by opening the first store focused on products based on truffles and pure truffles; the first La Bottega del Tartufo shop to open its doors is that of Perugia.

in a short time La Bottega del Tartufo opened up in Siena, Arezzo and Lucca.

Then the network grown up with the open of stores also in Ferrara, Pisa, Genoa, Bergamo, Como, Venice with 2 shops, Jesolo, Matera and Lecce.