ROMA – Via della Croce 77/A
ROMA – Via delle Muratte 17
"Roma Caput Mundi" was how the Latin poets called it in the period of greatest splendor when the Empire of the City of Rome expanded into the world so far known!

In the charm of the Eternal City, among the streets of the Capital of Italy, La Bottega del Tartufo has opened its store! In the central Via della Croce a small shop attracts the attention of tourists and Romans with the typical and unmistakable smell of truffles. Taste and discover the variety of truffle products and discover the world behind the truffle!


Monday 09:30- 21:00

Tuesday 09:30- 21:00

Wednesday 09:30- 21:00

Thursday 09:30- 21:00

Thursday 09:30- 21:00

Saturday 09:30- 21:00

Sunday 09:30- 21:00