Rich Salad with Truffle

A complete, fresh and easy to prepare dish!

To make this wonderful salad we need the following ingredients:
pig cheek, fresh rosemary, greek feta, radishes, sweet cucumbers, belgium salad, toasted bread in cubes and toasted mixed seeds. To these main ingredients we are going to add different truffle dressings:
Let's begin! First of all, cut the bacon into cubes and add it to the rosemary. Put everything in a pan over high heat and brown the bacon well.
In the meantime, we toast some bread and cut it into cubes. When the bacon is ready, remove the excess fat and the sprigs of rosemary. We add the toasted bread directly in the pan and our Millefiori Honey with Truffles. We mix everything and let it rest.
At this point we cut the salad, radishes, cucumber and feta.We take a large bowl and combine all these ingredients with the bacon and toasted seeds. Now the final touch with our truffle dressings: add some truffle extra virgin olive oil, salt and a few drops of glaze of vinegar with truffle. 

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