Bresaola Dumplings with Truffle

A quick and easy recipe for a delicious summer appetizer.

To prepare our bundles of bresaola and truffle we will start from the filling. We use a soft and light cow's milk ricotta in combination with our White Truffle Sauce. Follow these proportions: 3 table spoons of ricotta and one of White truffle sauce. Mix them and your delicious filling is ready! Now make a quenelle.

Separately, take two slices of bresaola and overlap them. Place the ricotta and truffle quenelle on top of the bresaola slices, close them in the shape of a dumpling and tie everything together with chives. Repeat the process to create the number of dumplings you want to serve.

bresaola dumpling recipe

Place the dumplings on a plate and add a few drops of Balsamic Vinegar Glaze with Truffle, fresh blueberries and finally grind on top some Black Cyprus salt flakes with Summer Truffle.

Your bresaola dumplings with truffle are ready to be served!


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