Rossini fillet

The story about the origin of the Rossini fillet recipe has several versions: there are those who say that it was a tribute from a chef to his friend, the Italian composer and lover of good food, Gioacchino Rossini.

Another version states that it was Rossini himself who invented it in order to combine French and Italian cuisine.

Today we decided to prepare it without the fat notes of foie gras but letting the Truffle and the Madeira sauce do the melody of the dish!


We cut the fillet (it must be very thick) so as to obtain a circular shape; tie it with kitchen string so as not to lose its shape during cooking.

ricetta filetto alla Rossini

Heat the black truffle butter in a pan and cook the fillet on a high heat for two minutes on each side, so as to seal all the sides. If you prefer uniform and non-cooked cooking, we suggest you continue cooking the fillet in the oven at 180 degrees for about 5 minutes. In the pan on which we cooked the fillet we make the reduction of Madeira with the cooking base.

filetto in fase di cottura


In another pan, quickly fry the chard leaves with black truffle butter.

il burro si scioglie nella padella

bietola ripassata in padella

Impiattiamo iniziando con la bietola, adagiamo su di essa la carne; saliamo e pepiamo il filetto.

filetto fase di impiattamento

Serve starting with the chard, place the meat on it; salt and pepper the fillet. A few drops of our reduction and we conclude with fresh black truffle slices. If you want you can replace the fresh black truffle with black summer truffle slices preserved in sunflower oil, easier to use and available in the shops of La Bottega del Tartufo.


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