Toasted bread with truffle cream and Colonnata Lard

One of the easiest ways to best enjoy our products is to prepare a quick appetizer. Today we want to suggest you a great combination of two very strong flavors: here's how to do Toasted bread with truffle cream and Colonnata Lard for 4 people.


The first step to do for our crouton is to cut the slices of lard into Batonette: this type of cut consists in cutting the lard into sticks of 4-5 cm in length.

Colonnata lard cooked in a pan

Leat the bread heat in the oven for a few minutes, in the meantime blanch the strips of lard in a pan.Take the slices of toasted bread, spread the truffle cream,
spread the truffle cream on the bread

Add the lard, a few flakes of black truffle and a drizzle of black truffle oil: our croutons are ready to be served!
finish the toasted bread with colonnata lard, black truffle slices and extra virgin olive oil black truffle flavoured


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