Scrambled eggs with truffle and borage

Follow step by step the steps for a quick and easy recipe like the classic scrambled eggs with the addition of a touch of the countryside like borage and truffle!

Egg is one of the perfect ingredients in combination with truffle. You don't need to be a chef to get the best of these two ingredients: just your imagination and two other ingredients to add to get an exquisite dish. Here's what we need to make scrambled eggs for 2 people:



Cut the borage into chiffonade: roll up the borage leaf and begin to cut it into thin strips and remove a portion for laying. Break 2 eggs into a bowl and beat with salt, pepper, borage and black truffle sauce.


uova strapazzate salsa nera tartufata
uova strapazzate con salsa nera e borragine

We heat a knob of butter with black summer truffle, let it melt over medium heat and pour the mixture, let's cook just enough to have the soft eggs.

fase della preparazione

Serve by decorating the dish with flakes of black truffle, borage and black truffle oil. If you don't have black truffle, replace it with our Black summer truffle slices.

uova strapazzate al tartufo nero pregiato e borragine


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